Entry form PRO-AM Salt Cup 2014

Salt Cup 2014

Entry form Pro-Am for participation in the Tournament Salt Cup 2014





SINGLE DANCE American Style

3 DANCE CHALLENGE American Style

SCHOLARSHIP American Style

SHOWCASE American Style



SHOWCASE (argentine)


Organizer: Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Kraków www.arthurmurray.pl
- Place of the venue and address: “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, ul. Daniłowicza 10, Wieliczka, Poland, GPS coordinates: N49°58,966' E020°03,374'
- In order to take part in the Pro Am competition and showcases a couple is obliged to fill in the entry form and pay the entrance fees on a website www.arthurmurray.pl/salt-cup-2014-form-uk. There is a possibility to send it via email to the given address: proamsystem@gmail.com
- Deadline for accepting entry forms will be until the 24th of October. After this date additional 10% fee will be added to your entry account.
- In order to be eligible for Scholarship you need to dance at least 5 single dances (4 single dances in American Smooth) in the same style in which you want to enter the scholarship.
- Professional – dance instructor, competitive dancer, a person who teaches dancing professionally as a full or half time job. Professional doesn't have to be licensed by either of the dancing federations.
- Amateur – a person who is not a professional dancer and/or teacher.
- In all Pro Am categories and Showcases there will be no age group differentiation either for the Professional and Amateur.
- Pro Am couple have a free choice of dancing level.
- It is allowed for one student to dance in all dances in all levels.
- There will be no choreography restrictions.
- There will be no dress restrictions.
- Showcases are not submitted to a specific dance style.
- The showcase duration cannot exceed 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
- Salt Cup competition and showcases will be filmed and photographed. All participants will allow the organizer to use those materials for promotional purposes without any obligations.
- The Organizer is not legally obliged with any injuries or material loses during the competition.
- The Competition programme will be announced after the registration's finished.
- The Organizer holds a right to change the competition programme without giving a reason.

Fees (per couple)

Type of entrance Fees
Single dance 25 euro / dance
3 Dance challenge 60 euro / style
Scholarship 100 euro / style
VIP Showcase 200 euro / dance
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Entry form Pro-Am (pdf)