Arthur Murray Dance Studio and Pasja Dance School have the pleasure to invite you to the 11th Salt Cup 2014 Dance Competition. This year, the Warsaw Chamber of Wieliczka Stalt Mine, at 120 meters below the ground level, will be the venue hosting the champions of ballroom dancing and rock’n’roll! Come and see them all dancing at the evening Gala with Iwona Pavlović as the hostess of the event.


Come and see Michał Malitowski & Joanna Leunis, Stefano Di Filippo & Dasha and Anna Miadzielec & Jacek Tarczyło at their best. The Gala programme includes also the Pro-Am Dance Competition, in which professionals dance together with amateurs.
Experience the unforgettable. See our incredible dance floor artists and top performers dancing in the unique scenery of the Salt Mine.
The evening Gala is not the only event in the Salt Cup 2014 Dance Competition programme, as the programme essentially includes day-long competitions of professional dancers and amateurs competing in the Pro-Am, Seniors’ and Open category.
You are also welcome to our Showcase dance show which is a joint effort of Arthur Murray Dance Studio students working under supervision of their instructors. Showcase performers are both amateur couples and students who usually form a dance couple with their instructors. It is a dance teaching system special to Arthur Murray Dance Studio – one does not need to have a dancing partner to take part in our shows or competitions.

Programme: 08 November 2014

9.30 – Arthur Murray Dance Studio Showcase
10:30 – Single Dance
12:30 – 3 Dance Challenge
14:00 – Scholarship
15:30 – Senior
16:00 – Open
19:00 – Gala

This year’s guests:

Michał Malitowski & Joanna Leunis

– Professional Latin World Champions, dancing together since 2002. The couple has won numerous titles, including: World Professional Latin Championships (2008 and 2009), European Professional Latin Championships (2007-2011), British Professional Open (2008-2012), UK Professional Open Championships (2007-2012), International Professional Open Championships (2005-2011). 2014 Dance Competition performance at the Salt Mine will be their fourth appearance in the history of the Salt Cup.

Visit Michał and Joanna’s official website:


Stefano Di Filippo & Dasha

– Finalists of the International Professional Latin Championships; dancing together since 2012, but each of them has won a number of titles. Stefano’s prizes include: International and British Open Amateur Latin Champion 2008/2009, World Major Professional Finalist 2012/2013, while Dasha received following titles: British Open and U.K Open Amateur Latin Finalist 2010/2011, World Amateur Latin Champion 2008/2009, BrWorld Major Professional Finalist 2012/2013

Visit Stefano and Dasha’s official website:


Anna Miadzielec & Jacek Tarczyło

– Poland’s Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll Champions and the runner-ups of the World Cup in Russia. This wonderful dancing duo, who won the gold medal at the World Dance Sport Games in 2013 and reached the finale of “Mam Talent” and “Got to Dance” shows, will show us what rock’n’roll really is!


A review from one of the Salt Cup Competitions:

“The Salt Cup’s popularity has been growing. Its organizers endeavour to ensure that the dancing couples have the best conditions, the best setting and the best atmosphere to show their dancing skills. Once these standards are at the adequate level, couples don’t need any special encouragement to participate in such events” (source: